Sunrise: What to expect in 2012: transformation, social media divide, crowd work


This morning I appeared on the Australian national breakfast TV program Sunrise in their ‘Ask an Expert’ segment, talking about the year ahead. Here is the 4 minute clip.

In the brief segment I draw on a number of the 12 Themes for 2012 I recently released. The key topics we discussed were:

* How 2012 could be a year of massive transformation.
* Opportunities will flow to those who are engaging in social media and other transformative technologies, potentially increasing the divide between haves and have nots.
* Today many institutions are in question. Increasingly we can collectively not only have our voices heard, but also enact real change.
* As we use new technologies we are changing, exploring our ‘latent humanity‘ by discovering aspects of ourselves that were not expressed before.
* In a global talent economy, the rise of crowd work is going to be central. Australia has an opportunity to move to the center of this trend.