Relaunch of Advanced Human Technologies Group website and new blog


I am extremely happy that we have finally relaunched the website for Advanced Human Technologies Group.


Over the last couple of years we have been repositioning our activities so that our major corporate brand is AHT Group, the group of companies, rather than the individual companies. However that was not reflected on the website, which only covered our hub company Advanced Human Technologies, and in fact gave a very out-of-date view of its activities.

The launch of a blog on the AHT Group website as well as the forthcoming launch of more online publications by the group means that I will shift my blogging activities, tending to write more on other sites than here, though also pointing to those posts from this blog.

Launching the new group website is also part of a increased focus on our ventures, including a series of new companies we are creating. As such I will be sharing more about our companies, projects, structures, and lessons learned along the way. Our experiments with new business models will become a lot more visible. Exciting times ahead!