Official launch of the Top 100 Australian Web 2.0 Applications list


The Top 100 Web 2.0 Applications list is now officially launched – the full list is below, after appearing this morning in a feature section in BRW magazine on Web 2.0. A few quick comments:

* See the scope and criteria for the list.

* No doubt many will disagree with what has or hasn’t been included in the list. That’s inevitable in drawing boundaries around defining Web 2.0 applications. We have been strict in applying our scope, and many very worthy applications have not been included in the list, not because they’re not excellent, but because they haven’t met our judge’s view of what constitutes a Web 2.0 application.

* A few more applications have come to our attention since the list was finalized. In a very dynamic landscape we cannot hope to cover everything, but we are continuing to build as comprehensive a view of the landscape as possible. Please let us know what we’re missing.

* Despite the caveats above, we’re very happy with the list and what has come out of our efforts in creating it. It provides the broadest coverage of the Australian Web 2.0 landscape available, and we are sure will achieve its intention of supporting and drawing attention to the value created by Australia’s vibrant online entrepreneurial community. I hope and expect that the 2009 list will once again represent a far deeper and richer landscape featuring many global success stories.

1. mig33



Person/Company: Project Goth (Steven Goh/ Mei Lin Ng)

Description: Global mobile and web-based community, including social networking and messaging such as IM, email, text and photo sharing. Founded in 2005 in Perth and now based in the US. Has raised US$23 million, and has over 7 million users across 200 countries.

2. Confluence



Person/Company: Atlassian (Mike Cannon-Brookes/ Scott Farquhar)

Description: Enterprise wiki with 5,000 clients in over 80 countries. Based in Sydney and San Francisco. Atlassian has over $22 million in revenue with no external funding.

3. Red Bubble

Red Bubble


Person/Company: Martin Hosking/ Peter Styles/ Paul Vanzella

Description: Art gallery and creative community where artists can upload art and sell it in many formats. Over 100,000 items sold in 71 countries in the first financial year. Has raised $3.7 million in funding.

4. 3eep



Person/Company: Rob Antulov/ Nick Gonios

Description: Social networking platform covering sports from national to school level for sports enthusiasts, players, teams and parents, allowing discussions and photo and video sharing. Has licensed the platform in Australia, Canada and Germany, and is also run as a stand-alone social network.

5. Engagd



Person/Company: Faraday Media (Chris Saad/ Ashley Angell)

Description: Web service application that creates ‘attention profiles’ of users, and enables these to be used in customising services and content for users.

6. MyVirtualHome



Person/Company: Greg Lane/ Paul Condon

Description: Allows users to create an accurate 3D walk-through model of their home, preview renovation possibilities and products provided by vendors, and contact service suppliers. People can share their home interiors and gardens for collaborative design. The viewing software will soon be available as a free download, allowing manufacturers and retailers to display products and themed homes in interactive 3D on their websites. Software being sold and licensed in a number of overseas countries.

7. Booking Angel

Booking Angel


Person/Company: Dean McEvoy/ David Watson

Description: Service for restaurants to take online bookings without needing a computer. Expanding into the US. Coming features include a validated restaurant rating system.



Person/Company: Red Lion Ventures (Ben Barren/ Michael Leone/ Peter Burley)

Description: Australian blog and media search engine that indexes over 150,000 sources. Services include providing large companies with detailed information on blog and social media references to their activities, and syndication of blog content to media organisations.

9. Scouta



Person/Company: Richard Giles/ Graeme Sutherland

Description: Collaborative filtering and recommendation engine provided as a web service for online retailers or entertainment providers. The consumer site provides personalised recommendations for video and audio.

10. RetailMeNot



Person/Company: Stateless Systems (Guy King/ Bevan Clark)

Description: Community sharing of discount coupons with major presence in the US. Provides multiple ways to access coupon information, including through widgets, gadgets and browser plug-ins.

11. vibEngine



Person/Company: Vibe Capital (Clay Cook/ Rachel Cook/ Jackie Shervington)

Description: Richly featured social community platform used by Vibe Capital’s Minti and Gooruze, and licensed to a number of overseas clients.

12. Enhanced Media Platform

Enhanced Media Platform


Person/Company: Enikos (Jonathan Wolfe/ Mike Nicholls)

Description: Video advertising platform based on the MPEG-21 video standard that allows publishers to create or mashup widgets, and enables user interactivity and targeted advertising.

13. Rememberthemilk



Person/Company: Emily Boyd/ Omar Kilani

Description: Web, mobile and IM shareable to-do lists with features including location. Over 500,000 users globally.

14. OurWishingWell



Person/Company: Joseph Renzi

Description: Gift registry that enables people to donate towards presents around the world. Strong revenue and international presence.

15. StreetAdvisor



Person/Company: Jason Spencer/ Adam Spencer

Description: Residents rate their streets and localities on criteria such as public facilities, noise, and neighbourly spirit, and write reviews. Users earn ‘streetcred’ and ‘local experts’ are appointed. The primary focus is on Australia, US, UK and Canada, but it has been launched in many other countries.

16. TheBroth



Person/Company: TheBroth (Markus Weichselbaum)

Description: Browser-based real-time collaborative art application. TheBroth, which also has over 13 million users of its Facebook applications, is shortly relocating to San Francisco from Perth.

17. Plugger



Person/Company: Stephen Phillips/ Richard Slatter

Description: Australian news aggregator covering mainstream and social media, and providing recent trends in coverage of leading companies and people.

18. Tangler



Person/Company: Martin Wells/ Alex von Kotze/ Mick Liubinskas

Description: Customisable live forums with features including embedding discussions into blogs and social networks. Popular with Australian and US technology start-ups for their user forums.

19. COZero



Person/Company: Nick Armstrong/ Dan Sullivan

Description: Site to calculate and offset personal and business carbon emissions. Includes ability to publicly share carbon emission profiles and utilities such as car pooling.

20. SwapAce



Person/Company: Joseph Renzi

Description: An online market place to sell, buy and swap products, services, employment and events. Enables bartering of products and services, mulitple offers and counter-offers and negotiation on non-financial components.

21. Particls



Person/Company: Faraday Media (Chris Saad/ Ashley Angell)

Description: Application and browser plug-in that uses the Engagd web service to provide personalized news and alerts based on users’ attention profiles.


22. VastPark



Person/Company: Bruce Joy

Description: Enables individuals and companies to create custom 3D interactive virtual worlds or games and build their own distributed social networks. VastPark uses open standards to enable sharing and remixing of virtual worlds for entertainment, education, and business collaboration.

23. Ripple



Person/Company: Matt Tilleard/ Mack Nevill/ Jehan Ratnatunga/ Simon Griffiths

Description: Charity site that generates income for donation through advertising and sponsorship. Buttons and search boxes are available on Facebook, widgets for blogs and websites, Google gadgets, and browser toolbars.

24. MeBeam



Person/Company: Ashod Apakian

Description: Web based video conferencing providing instant live video calls for up to 16 people simultaneously.

25. Loc8



Person/Company: Smartpath (David Hodges/ Owen Batt)

Description: Asset management and help desk management software delivered as an online service.

26. 2vouch



Person/Company: 2Vouch

Description: Social job recruitment service. Uses social networks such as FaceBook, MySpace and LinkedIn to distribute job listings, and enables employers and recruiters to reach passive candidates who have personal recommendations. Customers pay only on placement and get a money back guarantee.

27. Builtwith



Person/Company: Gary Brewer

Description: Automated reports on website and search engine optimization, including basic information for free and paid detail reports.

28. Supervirals



Person/Company: MassMedia Studios (Jon Skinner/ Christian Finucane/ Steve Lennon)

Description: Site where users submit brand ideas and content in response to advertisers’ briefs. Is looking for US funding to support its expansion into this market.

29. BugMeNot



Person/Company: Stateless Systems (Guy King/ Bevan Clark)

Description: Service to enable web users to bypass websites’ compulsory registrations by sharing logins and disposable email addresses.

30. Pikistrips



Person/Company: Pikicentral (Neil Pentland/ Mark Pentland/ Greg Pentland)

Description: Create comic strips using uploaded images, with user rating and ability to put comics on merchandise.

31. dLook



Person/Company: Meg Tsiamis

Description: Local online business directory with a variety of features, including mapping, embedding YouTube videos, and user rating of businesses. Competes with Sensis.

32. Mojikan



Person/Company: MOR(F) Dynamics

Description: Virtual world where users create virtual pets that communicate via intelligent agent instant messaging technologies.

33. Menulog



Person/Company: Menulog Pty Ltd

Description: Eating out guide, including user ratings, search, and a ‘My Restaurants’ Facebook app.

34. Blogarate



Person/Company: Clarke Scott

Description: Online service and widget to enable readers to rate blog posts and find related items.

35. PickupPal



Person/Company: John Stewart/ Eric Dewhirst

Description: Matches drivers of private vehicles to passengers or packages to be picked up, enabling the payment of an agreed fee and providing user-contributed driver ratings.

36. Powerhouse Museum Collection Search

Powerhouse Museum Collection Search


Person/Company: Powerhouse Museum (Sebastian Chan)

Description: Interface to museum collection combining user tagging (folksonomies) with formal taxonomies to provide recommendations.

37. Peepel



Person/Company: Stephen Kelly

Description: Suite of web applications (word processing, spreadsheeet, contact manager etc.) that allow multiple applications in the same window.

38. Feedity



Person/Company: Ashutosh Nilkanth

Description: Generates RSS feeds for web pages without syndication format.

39. Genbook



Person/Company: Rody Moore

Description: Online booking and appointments system for small business. Has moved its headquarters to San Francisco.

40. CushyCMS



Person/Company: Stateless Systems (Guy King/ Bevan Clark)

Description: Service that allows clients of web developers to edit website content directly.

41. Vquence



Person/Company: Chris Gilbey/Silvia Pfeiffer

Description: Enables users to create video montages of slices from different videos, and creates automated sequences of most popular videos for browsing. The resulting video compilations click through to the video source, and can be embedded in any website.

42. Ador



Person/Company: Zhu Cheng/ Xin Zhang

Description: Community site for rating and searching for restaurants and dining-out. Includes mapping and other features.

43. Uvouch



Person/Company: Parveen Panwar

Description: Community for sharing favourite online content and discussions in groups and fan clubs, including creation and sharing of playlists. Primarily international audience.

44. Popnets



Person/Company: Buzka (Raphe Patmore)

Description: Application to share, organise and discover favourite pages within interest groups such as travel.

45. Quotify



Person/Company: Peter Crowe

Description: Customers for home services specify requirements and are provided with quotations from selected providers, providing ratings and reviews on suppliers and their experience.



Person/Company: The Sound Alliance (Neil Ackland/ Cliff Rosenberg)

Description: Australian dance music forum and social network.

47. NationMaster



Person/Company: Rapid Intelligence (Luke Metcalfe)

Description: Aggregator of highly diverse data on countries that can be used to generate charts and graphs. Strong global traffic.

48. Adimade



Person/Company: Jake Lawton/ Nat Graf

Description: Service to submit video ads to respond to requested projects, and vote on the best. The selected ad receives a pre-defined prize of cash or other rewards.

49. Cagora



Person/Company: Rob Anderson

Description: Community site with multiple functionality including user generated content and affiliate revenue for members.

50. Omnidrive



Person/Company: Nik Cubrilovic

Description: Online storage allowing aggregation of files from desktop and online applications, and online publishing and sharing of any kind of file. Encountering competition from Google and Microsoft. Has been rumoured for several months to be going under, but is still functioning.

51. Zaabiz



Person/Company: Michael Brecht

Description: Australian social networking site for professionals.

52. Minti



Person/Company: Vibe Capital (Clay Cook/ Rachel Cook/ Jackie Shervington)

Description: Online forums and community for parents, including tagging, rating and comments. Based on VibeCapital’s vibEngine platform.

53. HooJano



Person/Company: Mike Giuffrida

Description: Social recruitment site that enables people to recommend people for positions, and earn referral fees.

54. Top Bargains

Top Bargains


Person/Company: Top Bargains

Description: Sharing of bargains and discount offers, in which people submit bargains and recommend them into popular lists.

55. Norg Media

Norg Media


Person/Company: Bronwen Clune

Description: Citizen journalism websites that allow local residents to report and comment on what is happening in their city and community. Currently available in Perth, Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. ure directions include licensing the platform into overseas markets.

56. Buzka



Person/Company: Raphe Patmore

Description: Social bookmarking site enabling users to create Spots on particular topics.

57. Saasu



Person/Company: Marc Lehmann/ Peter Cooper/ Grant Young

Description: Comprehensive online financial and accounting application, including integrated access to external applications such as mapping and search across social networks.

58. 88 Miles

88 Miles


Person/Company: Myles Eftos

Description: Online time-tracking utility for professionals, including project allocation and time punch in and out.

59. Loconut



Person/Company: Alex Blain/ Allan Loh

Description: Community social networking site based on user-submitted and syndicated content. It is currently focused on WA and will expand across Australia.

60. Docoloco



Person/Company: Johnny Cussen/ Chris Mander

Description: Site for sharing recommendations on local businesses including restaurants.

61. Kwoff



Person/Company: Dan Walsh/ Stephen Mayne/ Greg Barnes

Description: User voting on the most interesting content for an Australian audience, including news, photos and video.

62. Chin Swing

Chin Swing


Person/Company: Dean Worth

Description: Online discussion site that allows people to record voice messages to build a conversation.

63. Flogd



Person/Company: Phillip Kingston/ Edward Thomson

Description: Allows online product shops to be easily set up and integrated into websites and social network pages.

64. Invoiceplace



Person/Company: Scott Carpenter

Description: Creates and keeps track of quotes, invoices, and payments.

65. MyCyberTwin



Person/Company: Liesl Capper/ John Zakos

Description: Social networking site populated by virtual personalities that learn their owners personalities’ so they can engage in autonomous messaging with people.

66. Not Good Enough

Not Good Enough


Person/Company: Brandaide

Description: Consumer feedback site to voice gripes or compliments about companies. Companies are provided with updates and the opportunity to engage directly with consumers.

67. Gooruze



Person/Company: Vibe Capital (Clay Cook/ Rachel Cook/ Jackie Shervington)

Description: Social network for online marketers. Includes ranking of members and their submissions based on their contributions and user ratings. Based on VibeCapital’s vibEngine

68. Tiinker



Person/Company: Deep Grey Labs (Alex North/ Oleg Sushkov)

Description: Personalised news and content recommendations based on individual preferences and opinions.

69. MyCosm



Person/Company: Simmersion

Description: Free custom 3D virtual worlds, including personal selection of users and integration with external social networks and content creation and sharing applications. In Beta.

70. Global Surfari

Global Surfari


Person/Company: Gary Brewer

Description: Provides free surf forecasts, reports, predictions, weather forecasts and surf accomodation for global surfing locations

71. Raveabout it

Raveabout it


Person/Company: Tim Griffin/ Mark Rimmer

Description: Local business search based on user reviews and ratings. The platform is used by other directories.

72. RAYV



Person/Company: Anil Sabharwal

Description: Local business directory including reviews, ratings and recommendations.

73. AustraliaForum



Person/Company: AustraliaForum

Description: Forum for discussion of travel and living in Australia.

74. Blocklayer



Person/Company: Greg Tarrant

Description: Online calculator for builders, including layout for stairs and gazebos. Includes a services for mobiles.

75. eWise Systems

eWise Systems


Person/Company: Alexander Grinberg

Description: Financial account aggregation performed on client-side.



Person/Company: Fwditon

Description: Rating and sharing of funny emails, videos, and photos.

77. RocketReader



Person/Company: RocketReader

Description: Speed reading application including online service with ability to share self-created tests.




Description: Site enabling creators to sell content including videos, music, podcasts and games. The online community provides ratings of the content.

79. Publicity Wheel

Publicity Wheel


Person/Company: Mark Schumann

Description: Collaborative promotion service in which websites are selected to be promoted to all members.

80. The Fame Experiment

The Fame Experiment


Person/Company: Mark Schumann

Description: Allocates points to people based on their promotion of the experiment, selects individuals through the network, and invites them to blog about their experience.

81. Pikifx



Person/Company: Pikicentral (Neil Pentland/ Mark Pentland/ Greg Pentland)

Description: Simple online tool for modifying images.



Person/Company: The Sound Alliance (Neil Ackland/ Cliff Rosenberg)

Description: Australian gay forum and social network.



Person/Company: The Sound Alliance (Neil Ackland/ Cliff Rosenberg)

Description: Australian rock music forum and social network.

84. Buttonator



Person/Company: Pikicentral (Neil Pentland/ Mark Pentland/ Greg Pentland)

Description: Drag and drop button creator for websites

85. Oziwi



Person/Company: Gregg Nelson

Description: Recently launched social network focusing on Australia and NZ.

86. Ovosuite



Person/Company: Ovosuite

Description: Online office applications including document sharing, calendar, forums, and minute maker.

87. Confer



Person/Company: Rod L’Huillier

Description: Social news sharing, recommendations, and discussion.

88. Pxcream



Person/Company: Pierre Sauvignon

Description: Enables professional and semi-professional photographers to showcase their pictures, sell images and services, and engage in community discussions and activities.

89. Facts Online

Facts Online


Person/Company: Chris Jolly/ Rafael Cohen/ Richard Sheehan

Description: Online personal financial calculator, including budgeting, cashflow and superannuation calculations.

90. Booze Counter

Booze Counter


Person/Company: Tim Willis

Description: Online service to help people track their drinking habits.

91. Factbites



Person/Company: Rapid Intelligence (Luke Metcalfe)

Description: Search engine that provides full sentence, meaningful results distilled from a range of sources.

92. The Roar

The Roar


Person/Company: Conversant Media

Description: Australian sports opinion site, including user generated content and discussion.

93. Service Seeking

Service Seeking


Person/Company: Service Seeking (Jeremy Levitt/ Oliver Pennington)

Description: Companies bid to win jobs of all kinds, and are rated on their performance. Covers both local services such as gardening and remote services such as IT, where it competes with global services such as

94. SuburbView



Person/Company: Mark Ferris

Description: Real estate search engine using mapping to show listings, including RSS feeds and alerts to mobile.

95. Writetomyblog



Person/Company: Mark Ashcroft

Description: Web-based word processor for bloggers.

96. BEE



Person/Company: Jacky Ko

Description: Collaborative website editing platform

97. RosterLive



Person/Company: RosterLive

Description: Online workforce management software, including rostering and attendance.

98. Chop or Champion

Chop or Champion


Person/Company: Brian Vella

Description: Community site for followers of Australian sports, enabling users to discuss the performance of teams and players and to ‘chop’ or ‘champion’ them.

99. Spyk



Person/Company: Tim Kremer/ Andrew Franklin

Description: Property search integrated with mapping.

100. Buggerall



Person/Company: Australian Blogs

Description: Blog search based on tags.

22 replies
  1. Rai
    Rai says:

    Great effort Ross.
    Thanks for bringing attention to so many apps I probably wouldn’t have found out about otherwise.
    Congrats to all who made the list!

  2. Mark
    Mark says:

    A friend just sent me the link to this list and i thought for sure that the people that do our footy stuff would be on there. I play footy in the Eastern Football League in Melbourne. The EFL reported the other day that (they also do our league and club websites) is now the second biggest sports portal in Australia – Foxsports is number one from memory. mySport is a facebook type app that i use a lot that links back to my club website and community. Looking at their main site they certainly have a sh.tload of activity. I know i’m biased about footy :-) but it seems weird to me that sportingpulse isn’t on the list when it has become so massive and has great web2.0 apps.

  3. Ian McCallam
    Ian McCallam says:

    Good work Ross. It’s great to have made it to the list. And also great to have discovered a few sites I didn’t already know about. There’s some nice innovation out there!
    Congrats to all who made the list.

  4. Adrian Lynch
    Adrian Lynch says:

    Seriously – there are some APPALLING ‘web apps’ on this list. For example BEE – come on there is NO WAY that represents the best Australia can deliver. Half the news/review/discussion sites are devoid of any real user base.
    There might be some great ideas – and don’t get me wrong there are a lot of very deserving sites on the list. But it is obvious 100 was a big stretch.

  5. Jason Cleeland
    Jason Cleeland says:

    What a shame I missed out on knowing this list was being compiled.
    LimeSurvey is an online Survey tool that was created by myself in 2003. As an open source application it now boasts a highly active international development team although it meets the criteria of being predominantly Australian since more than 70% of the code was developed by myself.
    The tool is downloaded by approx. 10,000 per month and is widely recognised as the leading Open Source survey tool available.
    Oh well, maybe next year :-)

  6. Jordan Brock
    Jordan Brock says:

    How does something like MyVirtualHome qualify as part of the increasingly fluid Web 2.0 banner? Is it because they have a “My Community” section on the site? You have to install an application which is only available for MS Windows before you can use it! I thought that was exactly the kind of requirement that the entire Web 2.0 movement was a reaction against?
    OK, the application may be very well done, but I thought one of the hallmarks of Web 2.0 was that the site had to be open … e.g. operate regardless of the computer the person is using? Not offering a cross platform solution seems contrary to that fundamental criteria. In fact, requiring a download seems contrary to the idea of Web 2.0.
    It seems that the most important criteria to make this list is to be an acquaintance of the people who compiled it. There are some very valid, popular, profitable web applications that rank low in the list at the expense of some very spurious inclusions.
    Of course, lists like this are completely arbitrary, and it’s a shame that a magazine like BRW would publish it.
    And no, I have no vested interest in any site included in the list or even in one that met the criteria and wasn’t included, so it’s not sour grapes. And also, there are many, many great applications in the list that deserve all the recognition that they get.

  7. jake
    jake says:

    Interesting list, I assume its not in any kind of order yeah? (as a co-founder of there is no way I would put us above
    It is great to see so many people in AU giving “web 2.0” business ventures a shot. Now all we need is some Silicon Valley venture funds to start throwing millions of dollars in unjustified backing at startups with no revenue model, a Michael Arrington or two and we’ll be set! ;)
    Credit to Ross for putting together the list, that must have taken a fair amount of time and energy.. Nice work!

  8. Ross Dawson
    Ross Dawson says:

    Thanks for all your comments folks – just back from the launch event and the extended drinks afterwards :-)
    Sorry we’ve missed the ones we’ve missed – you’re on the master list for next time. Please add to comments any others we should be aware of.
    I think some fair points raised about what should and shouldn’t be counted as Web 2.0, and these could be debated for a very long time, but we made the calls we did.
    Will now get some sleep and may respond in a bit more detail to comments tomorrow…

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