New Framework: Seven Driving Forces Shaping Media


[UPDATE:] The complete Future of Media Report 2008 is now available.

We are releasing our new framework: Seven Driving Forces Shaping Media.

This is the second framework we are releasing in the lead-up to the Future of Media Summit 2008, which will be held next week simultaneously in Silicon Valley and Sydney. This and other content will be used to provide a starting point for discussion and conversation.

The first was the Future of the Media Lifecycle, which has already attracted substantial links and commentary. In the next days another framework on strategic tools will be released, as well as the complete Future of Media Report 2008, including all three frameworks and additional content.

Seven Driving Forces Shaping Media (pdf 700KB):


The framework contains all details on the Seven Driving Forces, including a description, implications, and a chart.

The Seven Driving Forces are:

1. Increasing media consumption

2. Fragmentation

3. Participation

4. Personalization

5. New revenue models

6. Generational change

7. Increasing bandwidth

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  1. Fitzroyalty
    Fitzroyalty says:

    Great post Ross. I think the ABC should read it carefully. I had a recent exchange with them, documented here on my blog, where they said they did not want to podcast some of their own content and I should go and buy it on “Cassette tape” from mediamonitors for $44. WTF? They may have some good technology but they don’t understand their audience.

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