New Prezi: The 45 elements of the Future of the CIO framework


One of the ways in which I use the frameworks I create is as a foundation for my keynote speeches. Since in many cases the frameworks are designed to distil the key ideas in a domain into a single graphic, they can provide a valuable lattice and flow for the ideas in a presentation.

Visual presentation tool Prezi can be a great way to do this, in showing the logic and structure of the framework through the presentation, while allowing me to zoom in through the presentation to illustrate the specific detailed concepts.

I have used Prezi in this way for keynotes on The Transformation of Business and The Transformation of Government.

For the current Tomorrow-Ready CIO series of events run by CIO Magazine and IBM I am using Prezi to run through my recently created Future of the CIO framework. The Prezi is below.

As for all of my visual presentations, note that it is designed to go with my keynote speech, and is NOT intended to be useful for people who have not attended the presentation. However even so, some may find it of interest or value.

I will provide explanations on this blog of some of the points in the framework and Prezi over coming weeks and months.