Mediagazer becomes the reference source for the media industry


I have long watched technology news aggregator Techmeme, first mentioning it in 2006 as an example of user-filtered content and then writing about how it helps to find interesting conversations, and later discussing how it’s sister site Memeorandum was the best place to watch the US presidential elections (and US politics in general). We were also delighted to get Gabe Rivera as a speaker at our Future of Media Summit 2007.

Mediagazer was launched early last month to provide the same insight into the most prominent discussions on the media industry. This Compete chart of Techmeme’s and Mediagazer’s traffic shows that in its first measured month the site has achieved 112,000 visitors, a fantastic start from scratch.

Beet.TV has just released a great interview with Mediagazer editor Megan McCarthy.

While Techmeme and its sister sites were originally all driven by algorithms, picking out the stories which had the most blog discussion, Megan was hired as a human editor for Techmeme initially. She says that “the algorithm and I work in tandem”, bringing in human oversight to the process.

Which means that Mediagazer is the place to follow the latest in the media industry.