Keynote on the Future of Global Media in New York


After Future of Crowdsourcing Summit in San Francisco next week I will be heading on to New York, where among other things I will be at the Ketchum Global Media Network meeting where I will do the keynote and participate in a panel on the BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India, China) media landscapes.

Here is the description of my keynote:

The Future of Global Media

Until now media markets have been fairly similar across nations. Today we are seeing a massive divergence in media structures around the world. While some fundamental drivers of change such as social networks and the extraordinary rise of mobile media are prominent everywhere, these and other forces are playing out very differently across East and West, old and new economies. Across all markets, the structures for how news and content are created and become visible are rapidly evolving. The implications for corporate marketers include new perspectives on global campaigns, and the potential to tap into a vast lattice of existing and new channels to reach customers.

And here are full details on the event (also see the event website)

Ross Dawson Discusses “The Future of Global Media” and “Breaking Through BRIC”

On Nov. 4, the Ketchum Global Media Network presents Ross Dawson — a leading thinker on the future of media and technology trends and chairman of the global events and consulting firm Future Exploration Network, chairman of the consulting firm Advanced Human Technologies, chairman of the event firm The Insight Exchange, writer of the blog Trends in the Living Networks, and adviser to Ketchum — who will deliver a presentation titled “The Future of Global Media.” Following the presentation, he will be joined by several media experts from across Ketchum’s Global Media Network for a panel discussion titled “Breaking Through BRIC: Understanding These Influential Global Media Landscapes.”


* “The Future of Global Media”

* “Breaking Through BRIC: Understanding These Influential Global Media Landscapes”


* Ross Dawson, Chairman, Future Exploration Network; CEO, Advanced Human Technologies; and writer, Trends in the Living Networks

* Ligia Carvalho, Account Executive, Ketchum Estratégia

* Girish Dikey, Partner, Sampark

* Ekaterina Kondratieva, Account Manager, Ketchum Maslov

* Nicholas Scibetta, Partner and Global Director, Ketchum Global Media Network (moderator)

I will share insights from the event afterwards. I am very much looking forward to – it promises to be a very exciting global perspective on how media is changing with leading communicators from the major emerging economies there to share their perspectives.