The potential of Humans + AI – keynote on unlimited possibilities

Ross Dawson is a leading thinker and practitioner in AI and its role in the future of work and society. He is in strong demand worldwide from business and government leaders seeking to see and create the future.

Keynote speaker topic – The Potential of Humans + AI


Humans’ relentless drive for progress and innovation has finally created Artificial Intelligence that ib some ways transcends our capabilities. Yet there are distinctive human capacities that will always transcend those of machines. In this compelling keynote Ross Dawson helps people understand the rapidly evolving AI landscape, develop the skills to best work with AI, massively accelerate their productivity with AI, and amplify the capabilities that will keep them ahead of change. An invaluable experience for leaders of the businesses of tomorrow and everyone wishing to prosper in an swiftly evolving future of work.


Ross Dawson delivered the keynote to an internal meeting of emerging leaders in a major automotive company, focusing on the role of AI in the future of work and the leadership capacities required.

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