How artificial intelligence can humanize work

Excerpt from a keynote by Ross Dawson focusing on how artificial intelligence is disrupting work and how this can help us tap our human potential.

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Video transcript

There are dozens of domains where machine are now
exceeding the capabilities of humans.
This does not mean that humans are redundant.
In fact we can say that there are three primary domains
where humans will always exceed machines.
Deep expertise: knowing a lot and having the context for it;
Creativity and imagination: coming up with new ideas;
and relationships: empathy, understanding people,
relating to people, helping them to change who they are.
And all of the intersections of these are creating
the jobs of the future, the work of the future.
So it’s not a question of machines replacing humans.
It’s a question of saying ‘how do we design organizations
where machines and humans work together?
Where every job still remains,
but every job is supported by machines,
and brings out not just what is best about people,
to humanize work, to rehumanize work,
to make work as human as possible, and to tap our potential.
To use technology not to replace us, but to make us more human,
to make us able to express what is best about us,
what we can do to do the best with ourselves and our lives.

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