Grow your business faster! Crowdsourcing and Crowd Business Models workshops in Sydney


Following the launch and fantastic response to Getting Results From Crowds we will be running a series of workshops around the world on creating value using crowds and crowdsourcing.

The first ones will be in Sydney on April 16, followed by a number to be announced shortly in Europe and the US (see our call for crowdsourcing workshop partners).

See the event page for full details on the workshops.

For the Sydney session we are running two complementary half-day workshops.

The morning session on Getting Results From Crowds will provide pragmatic insights on how growing businesses can implement crowdsourcing to create massive value in their business. The target audience includes startups, small and mid-sized businesses, and creative agencies.

The afternoon session on Crowd Business Models will delve into how to design and implement successful business models based on crowds and crowdsourcing. This is intended primarily for entrepreneurs and corporate innovation executives.

Some will want to attend both morning and afternoon workshops for a comprehensive view on how to tap the power of crowds in their business.

The event is co-organized by Business Australia, which is offering discounts to its members.

See more details on the workshops, and on the Getting Results From Crowds book.

Hope to see you there!

We’ll shortly be announcing workshops in cities in Europe and the US, each positioned for a specific local audience.