Content series on strategy for a post-pandemic world


There is only one topic today: the COVID-19 pandemic and its potential trajectory.

The scope of the pandemic is unprecedented in our lifetimes, and given how interconnected and interdependent our world is compared to previous generations, it is in many ways unique in human history.

In the coming months and likely beyond I will be focusing my thinking, content development, and strategy work on the medium to long-term systemic impact of the pandemic, and the actions we can take today to create a better future for ourselves, our organizations, and everyone.

The present, the future, and uncertainty

There are plenty of people who are more qualified than I to advise on what we should be doing in the present to contain the pandemic.

My domain of expertise is thinking about the future, based on over two decades experience working as a professional futurist.

Events so far this century have already gradually helped us get some sense of the depth of uncertainty of our increasingly complex world.

This year that uncertainty has exploded, to the point that today no-one can have a clear sense of where society and business are heading in coming years.

Yet that doesn’t mean we are helpless to prepare. Foresight methodologies acknowledge and indeed embrace uncertainty, yet provide insights that are arguably necessary to inform today’s decisions and action.


Every organization today is and must be focused on survival.

Some companies, for example those supporting virtual work or in healthcare supplies, are experiencing soaring demand, yet that brings its own challenges.

Many more businesses, such as in travel, hospitality, or retail, are losing almost all revenue and must cut costs dramatically to have a hope of surviving.

…and reinvention for a post-pandemic world

While novel coronavirus may be here to stay, we will inevitably pass through the pandemic phase at some point.

The world will be very different in many ways, some that we can imagine, some that we cannot.

As such every organization – and indeed every individual – will need to reinvent themselves.

That process of reinvention cannot be delayed, we must start now for what is already today a very different world.

Strategic foresight and action

In coming weeks I will delve into how industries, business, society, and government may be transformed in a post-pandemic world.

I will also share perspectives on how organizations can think about and implement their necessary reinvention.

Much or my work with business and government leaders over recent years has been on innovation, which I think we can all agree is a very tired word. Today the focus must be squarely on reinvention.

Corporate partners welcome!

Alongside my work as a keynote speaker and strategy facilitator for boards and executive teams, I often work with corporate marketing teams and PR firms to develop engaging content for client communities that has value, reach, and impact.

Please get in touch if you’d like to discuss partnering on developing and sharing content that will assist your business communities to reinvent themselves for a very different world.

With a partner I will be able to create structured reports and refined online resources. Otherwise I will initially focus on blog posts and look to develop strategy frameworks and other useful resources as I can.

Yes, these are intensely challenging times. We all need to rise to the challenge in containing the virus, surviving, and actively reinventing ourselves for the opportunities and challenges of a post-pandemic world.