What are the most useful social media tools for small business?


Most business owners recognise that there are many social media tools that can help them run their businesses more effectively. The problem is sorting through the plethora of tools that are available today to work out what to use, and how to use it.

Mashable has come out with a useful list of 10 of the Best Social Media Tools for Business, mentioning:

1. Google Apps for Domains

Online email, calendar and office software

2. LinkedIn

Professional social network

3. Basecamp

Online project management tool

4. Facebook

Social network with fan pages, apps and other tools

5. Twitter

Micro-blogging for relationship building

6. Get Satisfaction

Customer self-support forums

7. MailChimp

Web-based mailing list manager

8. UserVoice

Tracking customer feedback

9. YouTube

Hosted videos for marketing, education and advertising

10. Monitter

Monitor Twitter for relevant conversations and comments

I can think of quite a few other applications that would be strong contenders for this list, including Salesforce, the Zoho application suite, WordPress, SocialMention, and Evernote.

What would you include on the list? What tools to you find useful in running your business?

There will be far more on the best online tools and how to use them to run your business better at the SME Technology Summit in Sydney on 1 December.

Read the original post on the SME Tech Summit blog, together with other useful content and resources for small and mid-sized businesses.

  • I would suggest some other names, pretty successful in the small business domain:-

  • Thanks! Jake

  • Thanks! Jake

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