Business Today: Interview on how business can use social media


Yesterday I was interviewed on the Business Today program on the Australia Network, ABC TV’s international network which broadcasts across Asia.

The interview can also be viewed along with other material in Business Today’s archives.

Key points covered in the interview include:

* Building business relationships increasingly happens online

* People have leapt at the opportunity to connect online – this is part of who we are

* Companies are networks working in a networked world – social networks are invaluable tools for them both internally and externally

* Companies in different industries will use social media tools in different ways depending on their priorities e.g. banks and telecoms for customer service, professional firms for internal networking etc.

* If you get onto Twitter or other social media, you need to commit and do it properly – this usually includes appointing social media specialists to engage well externally

* Examples of companies using these tools include Jetstar, Telstra, Comcast, Deloitte, Wachovia, Citibank, Zappos and many others