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Continuing my series of my blog posts that have attracted the most interest in 2009, here is my selection of 10 posts on Enterprise 2.0 and organizational effectiveness.

1. Why ‘critical mass’ is intensely relevant to Enterprise 2.0 user adoption

What the diffusion curve means for Enterprise 2.0 adoption initiatives.

2. Enterprise 2.0: Competitive differentiation occurs at the intersection of technology and culture

The harder it is to implement Enterprise 2.0, the greater the potential for competitive differentiation.


3. Pilots as a key instrument for improving organizational performance in a complex world

Why pilots are a key tool in applying complexity thinking to organizations.

4. Largest ever organizational network analysis shows how social networks drive performance

Research shows in detail the role of social networks in organizational effectiveness.

5. An Argument for Heterarchy: creating more effective organizational structures

Heterarchy as a valuable concept in organizational design.

6. 10 DOs and DONTs of organizational change

A very popular post on fundamentals of building more effective organizations.

7. Driving innovation in large professional service firms: Six high-return initiatives

Details on specific high-value initiatives to drive innovation.

1. Develop a systematic innovation strategy.

2. Establish lightweight innovation programs.

3. Set up a program of pilot projects.

4. Implement product development processes.

5. Run industry strategy workshops.

6. Identify and support innovation champions.

8. Uncovering high-value applications of organizational network analysis

Digging deeper into how social network analysis can drive organizational performance.

9. The immense value of expertise location will help drive enterprise social media

The state of expertise location and the role of social media.

10. Six ways technology is transforming small business

Why small business is using technology to leapfrog big business.

As a special bonus, here are links to four posts with free chapters from my book Implementing Enterprise 2.0:

– Free Chapter 2 – Web 2.0 and the Enterprise

– Free Chapter 4 – Key benefits and risks

– Free Chapter 7 – Governance

– Free Chapter 11 – Social Networks In The Enterprise