Fantastic insights on the inspiring future of crowd business models


I have just had my mind blown.

I have got off a call with three of the speakers in the Future of Crowd Business Models session at Crowd Business Models Summit, which will be held in San Francisco on October 22, the day before the major crowdsourcing conference CrowdConf.

What I heard from the speakers on what they will cover and the conversation we had was amazing. This is going to be an awesome session.

I can’t do justice to their ideas in a blog post, but here are a few notes from the conversation.

BYRON REESE is EVP of Innovation at Demand Media, having joined the company when his company PageWise, including its subsidiary Expert Village, was acquired by Demand Media.

The scope of what he’ll cover in his segment is suggested by the title of his forthcoming book Infinite Progress: How Technology and the Internet Will End Ignorance, Disease, Hunger, Poverty, and War. In short, Byron will examine what we might be able to do when we are able to capture every aspect of our lives, and aggregate that for mutual benefit.

Byron’s long-term outlook is suggested by his personal website, A History of the Future

PHILIP ROSEDALE is the founder of Second Life and Coffee and Power.

Philip will look at how crowds are reshaping organizations in an age of transparency. At Second Life, employees can allocate their quarterly bonus share to anyone in the organization – except themselves. This points to some potential radically different models for attracting and rewarding people.

In Coffee and Power’s Worklist, processes and tasks are highly visible, breaking projects down into distributed part-time work, providing a real model for how crowds could function more broadly in the future.

DAVID SIFRY is the founder of LinuxCare, Technorati, and Offbeat Guides.

David has thought for a long time about crowd business models and some fantastic ways to think about them. He will talk about the core issues of crowd business models, including how they can create value for participants, how friends are brought in to participate, and the ethical issues. David looks at it from a design perspective, in identifying the key issues and finding elegant and responsible solutions.

Here is David talking about Offbeat Guides, which are crowd-generated personalized guides to offbeat cities and the offbeat places within them.

TIFFANY SHLAIN, founder of the Webby Awards and filmmaker, wasn’t on the call, but she will undoubtedly have fantastic things to share from her experience in collaborative film-making.

Here is one of Tiffany’s extraordinary collaborative short films, Engage:

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