Workshop content: Creating results using social media – the HR perspective


Tomorrow is the Australian Human Resources Institute HR Technology conference. I will be MC for the conference day, and will also run a half-day workshop on Creating Results Using Social Media on the following day.

I thought I would share the visual content we will be using during the workshop. As usual, the slides are not intended to be useful by themselves, but to provide supporting content for the activities and discussions of the session.

As reflected in the slides, we will use three of our frameworks to provide multiple perspectives on creating value for organizations using social media: our Social Media Strategy Framework to provide the external view, the Enterprise 2.0 Implementation Framework to provide the internal view, and the Building Success in a Connected World framework to provide the individual view.

The workshop will be highly participatory, with through the session the attendees creating a framework for a social media strategy and how it will be implemented for their own organization. The primary handout for attendees will be a large chunk of my book on Implementing Enterprise 2.0.

This is the workshop description:

Social media has swiftly become central to how people communicate, find information, and engage with companies. Organisations cannot ignore this reality, but must engage effectively to create value for the business as well as manage the risks effectively. HR departments can, and should be, at the centre of their organisations’ efforts to create real business value from social media, by building effective strategies and governance frameworks, and guiding social media initiatives across the company.

Business strategy and social media specialist Ross Dawson will facilitate this half-day workshop to help participants learn how to get real value for the business from social media.

In this workshop, Ross will cover:

Building an effective organisation-wide social media strategy
Establishing social media governance, guidelines and policies
How to use social media for internal communication, staff engagement and learning
Designing external social media initiatives to maximise benefits and manage risks
Helping professionals to develop their social media profiles

I’ll report afterwards how it went. I also hope to be able to fit in a bit of blogging tomorrow as I MC the event.