What people value in creating better lives: differences around the world


The OECD has created a wonderful interactive visual map of the world, showing the Better Life Index – what people value most in their lives – in different countries around the world.

Source: OECD

It is fascinating to see what people value the most around the world. When we look at cultural differences between countries, the simple question of what people value show deep differences, and strong insights into national identity.

Australia is far and away the country that most values work-life balance. However Australian professionals work harder than in almost any other OECD country. Interestingly, New Zealand, along with Singapore, value work-life balance the least.

Those in the Netherlands, US, Ireland and UK most value life satisfaction, with this least valued in Finland and Canada.

Japanese most value safety, which is reflected in the safety of the country (earthquakes and nuclear reactors excepted). Other countries where safety is highly valued include Venezuala and Brazil, in this case because they often don’t have it.

Does this data resonate with you? Are you aligned with the desires of your compatriots?