Video interview on Enterprise 2.0 by Melcrum/ KM Review


The other day Alex Manchester, Editor of the Melcrum publications KM Review and The Internal Comms Hub, did a video interview of me, covering a broad range of issues relating to Enterprise 2.0 and the application of social media inside organizations. The video is posted on the Melcrum Blog as well as below. Soon Melcrum will post a slightly longer version on their site – I’ll post the info on this when it’s available.

A brief summary of the questions and answers in the video are below.

How would you explain “Enterprise 2.0”?

Enterprise 2.0 is about finding ways to usefully adapt and apply the tools of Web 2.0 in the open internet inside organizations. Systems need to be designed to allow valuable emergent outcomes to be created, as explained in my Web 2.0 Framework.

To a business, how valuable are social networking applications such as Facebook?

The starting point is working out what sort of social networking outcomes you want, then deciding what external or internal social networks should be used, and how.

The internet has millions of users but organizations only have a few thousand employees…does social media work with lower participation levels?

There is a shift from implicit to explicit in gathering the input that is fundamental to Web 2.0. Done well, this will allow high levels of value creation even with smaller groups.

Face to face… …or online collaboration?

Social networks complement face to face interactions, broadening our connections in ways that are useful to business.

What are some future likely scenarios when it comes to business and technology?

The core issue is how we create the “architecture of participation” in organizations. We can already see the emergence of the modular economy, creating a very different architecture for how successful organizations work.