Developing Knowledge Based Client Relationships popular in Consulting and Customer Service


My book Developing Knowledge-Based Client Relationships has popped up again on a few Popular lists on, notably on Consulting and Customer Service. The first edition, which came out in January 2000, was for two months #1 on from Australia, and spent two years in the top 20 book purchases from Deloitte & Touche among other topseller lists. Sales of the second edition have been solid and consistent but not spectacular so it’s good to see it get some more prominence. While one of the chapters is devoted to how technology is used in professional client relationships, very little covered by the book dates quickly, which means it continues to be relevant over the years and has a long shelf life. Maybe a third edition in 2010 or so?


Dennis Howlett of AccMan fame recently wrote a brief review of the book, excerpted here:

If you don’t know the book, I recommend it goes on your must read list. It is packed full of examples, presents a coherent set of arguments and provides a framework for action.