Updated keynote speaker video – excerpts from speeches on the future of business


We are in the process of revamping my keynote speaking videos. While we were intending to do this anyway, a recent trigger to bring this forward was Brightcove closing down its non-professional site. We had initially used Brightcove for my videos because of the quality, however despite YouTube’s lower quality it is more visible.

You’ll see that the quality of some of the video excerpts is rather poor. We are continuing to gather footage as I do more keynotes, and we’ll gradually bring in new material so that the video reflects my current work. In fact we have a fair few video excerpts in store that we will integrate into the next version of this video.

We will also continue to release excerpts from individual keynotes. We recently posted me doing a keynote on The Future of the Network Economy for Sun Microsystems, and there are a number of other keynote videos we’ll launch soon.

All of this content is available on my RossDawson.com website, which covers my keynote speaking and strategy leader work. The keynote videos page on the site page covers the videos we have up – more coming soon!

This keynote speaker video includes:

* Excerpts from half a dozen keynotes

* Brief excerpts from TV interviews

* Global keynote locations