Today Show: What to expect in the year ahead


Early on January 1st this year, after a great New Year’s party and no sleep, I went into the studio to talk about what we should expect in the year ahead. The video is below

A few notes from what I discussed:

* Jobs are being disrupted through remote work and automation, meaning that the jobs of the future will rely on human creativity and relationships.

* This in turn means education is becoming critical. Today’s schools are not preparing children for the world of tomorrow. Schools used to make us the same, now they have the opportunity and imperative to make us more and more individual.

* Retail will shift more online, helped by swift deliveries, while all retail will give consumers more choices and better experiences.

* We have let our privacy erode to the point where institutions know us better than we know ourselves. We need to consider whether that is what we truly want, and respond accordingly.

* The promise of next generation medical technologies will give us better and longer lives.

* To become a futurist it is essential to have diverse perspectives, build patterns, and communicate them effectively.

* In looking to the future, we do need to be concerned about the potential for technology to drive unemployment, so we must create better education and continually develop relevant skills.