Slides from opening keynote at Crowd Business Models Summit


Yesterday I chaired Crowd Business Models Summit in San Francisco.

Here are the slides from my opening presentation, which provided an introduction and frame for the event.

The big frame for thinking about crowd business models is the future of work and organizations. Crowdsourcing and crowds will be central to how value is created in future. As such it is immensely valuable to use the lens of business models based on crowds.

I run through the Crowd Business Models Framework proposed in my book Getting Results From Crowds. There was some great discussion about the model in the ensuing Participant Roundtable sessions that I will draw on for future versions of the model.

I finished by looking at the idea of infinite business models and singularity business models.

I’ll share more detailed thoughts on the Summit when I get a chance. It was a fantastic event with many rich insights, so we’ll share as we can for those who couldn’t be there.