Six trends for 2011 and beyond on how businesses can tap the power of the web


The very dynamic Adam Franklin and Toby Jenkins of Bluewire Media recently did a video interview of me, asking me about the trends driving how the web will shape business.

Here is the video, with a summary of my headline points below. (Also see Bluewire Media’soriginal post of the video , which has my comments written up in greater detail.)

What do you see the future of the web being for businesses?

The fundamental trends include:

– Web visibility will drive all business.

– Reputation will facilitate business and business relationships.

– The shift to mobile.

What specific trends do you see for 2011?

– Cloud services becoming fully mainstream.

– The rise of Android and its implications for businesses and developers.

– Tapping global talent and crowdsourcing.

What can organisations do now to prepare themselves?

– Learn by doing. To be good tomorrow you must start today. You need to develop your own capabilities, by experimenting and seeing what works for you.