Shifting to work structures that will serve us far better


Cisco recently compiled a thought leadership article Employees choose hybrid: A look into the workforce of the future.

The piece brings together brief contributions from Miyuki Suzuki, President Asia Pacific, Japan and Greater China for Cisco, cybersecurity leader Magda Chelly, and Hariharan S, Managing Director Collaboration for the region at Cisco, as well as myself

My contribution is below, see the full article for the others’ insights on this important topic.

The massive transition in work and society engendered by the COVID-19 crisis has created real challenges, but also incredible opportunities to shift to structures that will serve us far better than the old models. Enabling technologies are at the centre of this transformation, by supporting remote workers in collaborating effectively with their colleagues, facilitating remote medicine and education, efficiently tracing contacts to limit the spread of disease, and providing the platforms for leaders to reinvent work for a new era.

Employees have already experienced the potential of new remote work architectures, which at their best are already helping them to feel healthier and happier. However, they understand that more needs to is to done to build effective workplaces for today and tomorrow.

As highlighted in recent Cisco research, an overwhelming majority of employees believe that their organizations should prioritize investment in collaboration technologies for both home and office as an essential foundation for safer and more productive work environments. Those organizations that push forward on these initiatives while developing the requisite internal skills and culture will inevitably lead their industries.