Seven MegaTrends of Professional Services – Create a highly networked firm


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Create a highly networked firm

Many professional services organizations are not really firms, they are a set of individual professionals working under the one banner. If, however, firms can bring together deep specialist expertise across their organizations, and integrate and apply it in ways designed specifically for their clients, they can create a uniquely relevant offering that no other firm can match. The value firms can create in this way both transcends and takes advantage of the seven MegaTrends of professional services.

Cross-selling is a hot topic in most professional services firms. In order to cross-sell services to existing clients, four conditions must be met. The first is that the relationship leader must be aware of the expertise of his or her colleagues. The second is a broad understanding of that person’s or department’s expertise, and how it can be applied to create value for clients. The third is confidence in the capabilities of the colleague. The fourth is personal trust that the colleague will do the right thing and effectively fulfil their role as a team member in working with the client. The reality is that in larger firms, spanning a variety of practices, locations, major clients, and even countries, these four conditions are met in only a fraction of cases. The perfectly networked firm, where all professionals are able and willing to draw in any other professional in the firm, is a pipe dream. Yet even slightly improving the internal networks in the firm along these four key dimensions will result in significantly better performance.

A rapidly emerging domain of management science, social network analysis, helps professional services leaders to gain deep insights into the essence of their structure and how their resources are combined to work with clients. These kinds of tools can assist greatly, by identifying blockages and opportunities, and providing a template for building truly networked organizations.

Table of contents



MegaTrend 1: Client Sophistication

MegaTrend 2: Governance

MegaTrend 3: Connectivity

MegaTrend 4: Transparency

MegaTrend 5: Modularization

MegaTrend 6: Globalization

MegaTrend 7: Commoditization

Responding to the MegaTrends

Lead Your Clients into Knowledge-Based Relationships

Build Strategic Transparency

Create a Highly Networked Firm

Evolve Your Business Models

Developing and Implementing robust strategies