Rich insights into the state of social media today


Here is a very good compilation of statistics, perspectives, and news on social media as at the middle of 2012:

A few things in particular that I thought worth noting from these stats, apart from the usual Social Media is BIG and GROWING FAST!

Facebook has 71% of social network ad revenue. This is of course high, though not compared to its current dominance in social networks.

Total social media ad spending in the US is targeted to reach $9.8bn by 2016. Of this, $3.1bn will be local, emphasizing the opportunity for local advertising from social media.

Google account for 44.9% of all US online ad revenues. Fifth placed AOL accounts for just 2.4%, pointing to a very long tail.

There are 9 companies with over 500,000 circlers in Google+. Brands are seeing G+ as a key element of their social strategies. However there are still no ads on G+.

YouTube views have dropped 28% since December 2011. YouTube says they are focusing on engagement over views and enforcing their ToS, though this may not be the whole picture.

By far the biggest increase in Twitter use is by 18-24 year olds. Twitter usage in this age group in the US has risen from 18% in May 2011 to 31% in Feb 2012.

TV viewing is rapidly becoming social. 51% of US Internet users comment about TV shows on social networks, 49% ‘like’ shows, 45% read cast comments on social networks.