Review of Future of Media Summit from Public Relations Institute of Australia


I just found this detailed review of the Future of Media Summit 2007 written live by Sue Kirkland Smith, Lloyd Grosse and Sarah Creelman of Public Relations Institute of Australia.

It contains a detailed review of every panel session, and concludes by saying:

In conclusion the event was fantastic and really addressed a number of important issues facing the future of media. It was also great to have the experience to have the forums presented via a streamed pipeline between Sydney and Silicon Valley.

I found it interesting to hear everyone talk about advertising as the great white hope. The only mention of PR was the Edelman Trust Barometer. There was no talk about how public relations or corporate relations might create a greater offer in this space. Clearly advertising has this space in its crosshairs. So many of the presenters said that the only way forward was to use an advertising business model but juxtaposed that with the assertion that users are both numb to advertising and that advertising impairs social networks.

It really reinforced for me that PR needs to do more to develop thought leadership in this space.

Two analogies were used that are still ringing in my ears – “the right nut for the right bolt” and “filtering the noise from the signal”.

It’s well worth reading the entire post – there are many great insights and nuggets from the Summit there.