Prometeus: In the media revolution, experience is the new reality


David Casaleggio, a media and network consultant based in Milan, let me know about an extremely interesting short video he’s created on the future of media. He has created versions in English, as below, and also subtitled in Japanese and Spanish (recognizing the global nature of media markets).

A few highlights in the second half of the clip:

In 2020 Lawrence Lessig becomes the US Secretary of Justice and declares copyright illegal.

Devices that replicate the senses are available, and reality is replicated in Second Life. Everyone has an Agav (Agent Avatar) that finds information, people and places in virtual worlds.

In 2022 Google launches Prometeus, the Agav standard interface.

In 2027 SecondLife becomes Spirit, where people share their experiences and feelings. Memory selling becomes normal trading.

In 2050 virtual life is the biggest market on the planet and Prometeus finances space missions to find new markets.

In conclusion: “Experience is the new reality”.

A nice thought-starter on where we might be heading…