Launch of Social Media Strategy Framework


Today we launch our Social Media Strategy Framework. This provides guidance and a frame on how organizations can approach engaging with social media, following in the tradition of our highly popular frameworks such as Web 2.0 Framework, Future of the Media Lifecycle, and Influence Landscape.


Click on the image to download pdf

[UPDATE:] The image and file above is of the updated Beta version 2 of the Social Media Strategy diagram – see here for a brief explanation. Click here to download the Beta version 1 diagram.


The Social Media Strategy Framework has being translated into:

Social Media Strategy Framework in Chinese – ????????

Social Media Strategy Framework in Dutch – Sociale Media Strategie Kader

Social Media Strategy Framework in French – Plan Stratégique des médias sociaux

Social Media Strategy Framework in German – Social Media strategische Rahmenrichtlinien

Social Media Strategy Framework in Italian – Schema della strategia relativa ai mezzi di comunicazione sociale

Social Media Strategy Framework in Japanese – ?????????????

Social Media Strategy Framework in Korean – ????? ?? ?????

Social Media Strategy Framework in Portuguese – Modelo Estratégico dos Meios de Comunicação Social

Social Media Strategy Framework in Russian – ????????? ????????? ? ?????????? ?????

Social Media Strategy Framework in Spanish – Encuadre de Estrategia de Medios Sociales

Social Media Strategy Framework in Turkish – Sosyal Medya Strateji Çerçevesi

This is a Beta version, pulled together to release before The Insight Exchange’s Social Media Strategy event today. I can already see some improvements to be made, but I would love to get your thoughts on what’s wrong (and right) for this to be taken into account for the next version.

The Framework begins with LEARN, follows two streams of ENGAGEMENT and STRATEGY DEVELOPMENT, and comes together in the ongoing imperative to DEVELOP CAPABILITIES.

The five key points for each element are also written below.


Use social media yourself

Study relevant case studies

Educate senior executives

Hear from practitioners

Explore the latest trends



Identify relevant social media monitoring tools

Learn how you can best use the tools

Discover what’s said about you and your market

Find relevant communities and conversations

Uncover key influencers


Enter the conversation

Provide relevant content

Add value to communities

Engage with influencers

Respond positively


Set relevant measures of success

Monitor measures

Capture and communicate success stories

Report to senior executives

Refine your strategy and measures



Improve customer engagement

Enhance brand and reputation management

Accelerate customer-driven innovation

Attract talented employees

Increase sales


Identify opportunities

Understand risks

Clarify risk of NOT engaging

Set clear social media policies

Communicate policies internally


Define first and subsequent phases

Target initial platforms

Identify resources required

Establish responsibilities and time commitment

Link to offline marketing activities


Identify internal ‘champions’ for social media

Train and support champions and staff

Keep abreast of developments

Establish pilot program

Develop a culture of responsible transparency