Taking the hero’s journey to create your industry’s future

Excerpt from a keynote by Ross Dawson on how Joseph Campbell’s hero’s journey can inspire us to create the future of our industry.

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Video transcript

Joseph Campbell was a comparative mythologist.
He studied the stories and myths and peoples
all around the world, from every continent.
What he found is that the stories of every people
from around the world is in fact the same story.
It’s what he called the hero’s journey.
Basically the hero’s journey goes:
People are in their everyday life and they are called beyond,
there is something that pushes them out,
calls them beyond into a difficult, challenging world
where they encounter many challenges,
they encounter people who help them on their way.
But finally they go and they take something,
they create something, find something of value
and bring that back to them, their family,
their community, and those around them.
We are all on this hero’s journey.
In this extraordinary…
yes it is the most exciting time in human history.
That means it is the most challenging time in human history.
So we need to understand those challenges,
to use those challenges to call us beyond,
to go on that journey, to be able to, in this case,
to be able to see and create the future of travel
and the future of retail in travel
in a rapidly changing world.

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