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Ross Dawson is a sought-after keynote speaker for in-person events and conferences, having toured the globe to give compelling keynote sessions in over 30 countries spanning 5 continents.

He is also highly experienced at delivering keynotes and featured sessions at virtual conferences and events, as a major drawcard for registrations and to generate substantial value to attendees.


Keynotes at virtual events require substantially different design and delivery than traditional keynotes. Ross Dawson works with virtual event and conference organizers to understand the event context and objectives, other event content, audience profiles and relevance of the event to their work and lives, and the platforms being used.

He tailors his presentation content, format, and delivery style to match the constraints and possibilities of virtual event platforms, where relevant using interactive approaches and tools to generate engagement and useful application of the ideas shared in the session.


Ross has given numerous keynotes at virtual conferences, creating highly engaging experiences to kick off or act as a key feature of the event.

In one instance, a major accounting software provider ran an Online Symposium for accountants across North America who were users or potential users of their software suite.

Ross Dawson delivered a virtual keynote to attract and engage the audience on the top of The Future of Work and Organizations.

On Ross’s advice, the session include pre-recorded content, with Ross presenting using a green screen to provide a professional quality image, accompanied with slides customized for the online conext. Interactive elements complemented the video content, including audience engagement and a moderated Q&A to address questions from the audience, generating a very well-received experience for attendees.

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