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Keynote speaker video – Robotics and the future of Japanese economy

Recently futurist Ross Dawson gave a keynote on future technology trends at the Portfolio Construction conference. Below is a video snippet of his inspiring keynote talking about Robotics and the future of Japanese economy.

Full Transcription: Robotics and the future of Japanese economy

Ross Dawson:

I used to live in Japan and for a long time, I was extremely negative on the long-term future of the Japanese economy. The population of the Japanese economy is currently a hundred and twenty-seven million. The forecast is in 2050 its population will be slightly less than one hundred million, so fall of 27 million and 36% of the population will be over 65. One of things that I learned while I was in Japan is that they don’t want immigrants.

So even though Spain and Italy and Greece have lower fertility rates, slightly low fertility rates than Japan they have many immigrants from North Africa and Eastern Europe whether they like it or not. Japan doesn’t have those immigrants, so that is why Japan is the global leader in robotics. Their vision is to replace the manual labor with robotics. If Japan succeeds, that they are able to replace that manual labor with robots it has hoped to prosper as an economy. If they don’t succeed at that, the economic outlook for Japan of a long-term is extremely gloomy.

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