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ABC 7:30 Report Interview: Australia’s Future

Below is an excerpt from Australian futurist Ross Dawson’s interview with ABC offering compelling insights into Australia’s future.

Full Transcription: ABC 7:30 Report Interview

ABC 7:30 Report:

Over the course of this week, we have highlighted some of the economic environment and social issues Australia will confront if treasuries projected population boom becomes reality over the next 40 years. The water we need for our very survival, the roofs over our heads, the critical transport systems, the basic protection of our environment. Tonight we look at another critical issue in which this nation has sometimes been brittle. Social Cohesion. Can we confidently manage a 60% population boost in 40 years?

In 40 years with the projected population of 35 million the face of the Australia is likely to have a more ethnic Asian look, believes futurologist Ross Dawson.

Ross Dawson:

We’re going to look far more Asian, we really will be an Asian country, as we’ve got more of people have come from that ancestory and far, far deeper ties in terms of trade and economy and culture to the rest of the Asian region.

It will be an extraordinary proportion of people in Australia in the year 2050 who will be 65 or older. Clearly these voters will be expressing themselves by how they vote and politician political parties will have no choice but to espouse policies that are friendly to the elderly.

Ultimately the only way in which Australia can experience the real dynamic growth of coming decades is through immigration. The birth rate has increased a little bit in recent years, but that will never be enough to do more than just maintain our population. If we want to be part of a really exciting part of the global economy and global society of Australia must have immigration and the issue is; how do we effectively manage that?

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