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Ross Dawson is renowned as a compelling keynote speaker and global authority on the intersection of artificial intelligence (AI) and the future of work and business. He is the founder of Humans + AI startup Informivity, and leader of the growing Humans + AI movement focusing on the positive possibilities of AI.

As a sought-after keynote speaker, Dawson engages audiences around the world, inspiring business and government leaders to envision and actively shape a positive future anchored in the potential of AI. His busy schedule includes AI-focused keynotes for Deloitte, Mastercard, Microsoft, NASA, and other leading organizations globally.

Examples of keynote speeches on AI

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Business in the Age of AI

In this compelling keynote, Ross Dawson explores the transformative impact of AI on business, providing clear insights into the current landscape and practical applications that are already adding value across industries. He navigates the complexities of AI, offering actionable strategies for organizations to harness its transformative potential while emphasizing ethical considerations and responsible deployment.

Concluding with a visionary glimpse of a future where AI and human intelligence synergize to address global challenges, Dawson’s engaging presentation leaves the audience not only informed but also inspired and ready to play an active role in this remarkable era of change.

AI and the Future of Work

The future of work will be massively shaped by the rise of AI. In this thought-provoking and inspiring keynote, Dawson provides guidance into the factors shaping the future of work, the role of AI, and how to create highly successful organizations in this world. He introduces valuable models, foundational principles, and actionable strategies to unlock the potential of the Humans + AI collaboration.

This requires individuals to acquire skills in using AI to augment their capabilties, while leaders must craft innovative structures, processes, and supportive cultures that merge human talent and technology, paving the way for unparalleled value creation.

The potential of Humans + AI

In this dynamic and insightful keynote, Ross Dawson illuminates the potential of humans and AI together. Our relentless pursuit of progress has created AI systems that sometimes outpace human capabilities. Dawson argues that our unique human faculties remain invaluable and irreplaceable.

He guides the audience through the rapidly transforming landscape of AI, offering practical strategies for harmonizing with this technology to significantly boost productivity and enhance individuals’ unique skills. Moreover, Dawson lays out a visionary roadmap for leaders preparing their organizations for tomorrow’s business landscape and for all who aim to thrive in the rapidly evolving future of work. This keynote is a must-attend experience for forward-thinking individuals and leaders committed to staying at the forefront of change and opportunity.

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