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Ross Dawson is a renowned global authority on the intersection of artificial intelligence (AI) and its transformative potential for the future of work and society. He is the founder of Humans + AI startup Informivity, and leader of the growing Humans + AI movement focusing on the positive possibilities of AI.

Dawson works with business and government leaders around the world to create positive futures using the potential of AI. Recent clients for his AI keynotes and workshops include Deloitte, Mastercard, Microsoft, and NASA.

Examples of workshops and executive sessions on AI

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Amplifying Productivity with Humans + AI

AI is now a vital component in organizational transformation and success. This workshop is designed to illuminate the fusion of AI and human potential, offering strategies to harness their combined strengths for unparalleled corporate growth. Learn how to grow and empower your workforce while amplifying their capabilities.

The session delves into the nuances of fostering an AI-empowered workforce and culture of innovation. Outcomes include a clear roadmap for AI’s successful integration into the organization and its increased success in the AI-augmented age.

Designing a successful future of work

A workshop tailored for boards and executives teams, dedicated to envisioning and crafting a positive future of work. This session delves deep into the implications of emerging trends such as AI and automation, the evolution of hybrid work, generational transitions, regulatory dynamics, and more. The central tenet revolves around optimally amalgamating human potential with AI to yield unparalleled outcomes.

Each strategy session is carefully crafted to cater to the specific needs and nuances of the organization, fostering alignment among executive thought processes and shaping coherent action blueprints. This workshop, available both in-person and virtually, delivers impactful deliverables in setting the stage for the future organization.

Innovation strategy for boards

Directors face a delicate task of steering competitive organizational innovation while fulfilling their fiduciary responsibilities to manage risks. Dawson guides boards through each of the key dimensions in setting a board-level frame for innovation that supports and guides top executives in enacting this imperative for success and survival.

Board innovation sessions can be tailored around prevailing industry challenges, strategy innovation, mindset shifts to counter business model disruptions, and other significant outcomes suited to the particular context. These sessions can be augmented with individual director consultations before board meetings or evaluations of the organization’s existing innovation perspectives, among other tailored approaches.

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