Join Us in Creating the Future of PR!


The fundamental capabilities of PR professionals are more relevant than ever in our intensely networked world. Arguably, PR should be at the center of the marketing universe, since it is better able than any other discipline to deal with a world driven by relationships, fueled by connectivity, social, mobile, and power shifting to the individual.

The big question is: will the PR industry seize the immense opportunity before it?

For the last decade I and my companies have been extensively involved in the PR industry, helping PR agencies anticipate and respond to changes in the world of media, and supporting client projects with compelling insights on the future.

During this time of extraordinary change in media and marketing I have observed dramatic shifts in the PR industry, yet they have not always matched the pace of external change.

PR professionals as masters of the universe?

Back in 2006 I wrote an article Six Facets of the Future of PR, which concluded:

We are entering a world in which the flow of information and perceptions will drive much of the value creation in a highly networked global economy. The PR industry should be looking forward to a time of massive prosperity, in which it extends itself to play in entirely new fields of media and communication. Yet many of the existing participants will need to adopt a new stance and actively develop new skills to do this effectively. Those that re-conceive their role and potential impact, could well be masters of the universe.

This is just as true today as it was then.

We believe that current social, technological, and business trends mean that the core capabilities of the PR industry are more relevant than ever, and can be applied to generate exceptional value. However the industry needs to evolve and adapt dramatically to seize that opportunity.

Why we are launching Creating the Future of PR

We are launching Creating the Future of PR to support the PR industry in this transition to a even more prosperous future.

We will bring perspectives from industry leaders on what professionals, firms, and the industry can do to build success.

We will also bring specific insights and research to bear on current issues such as software tools, influencer outreach, branded content, social engagement, and other emerging topics.

Global perspectives

In particular we are keen to take a global perspective, and examine differences in the state of PR and how it is evolving in different regions around the world. PR is a substantially different industry in growing markets such as South America and the Middle East that it is in established markets, and the diversity and dynamism of Asia is bringing entirely new opportunities.

Please let us know if you would like to contribute regional perspectives on the future of PR.

Please join us in helping create an exceptional future for PR!

We have just launched the publication, and will build it over time.

We will share insights and resources that will be useful to the PR industry, and would love to get insights from those who are in the frontlines creating the future of PR. Please get in touch If you would like to contribute your perspectives or have suggestions on what we should be covering.

To really make this valuable to the industry we need to support a conversation. We have set up a Creating the Future of PR Facebook Group; please join your peers there in discussing how we can make the most of the opportunities for the industry. We may establish other community platforms, let us know if there are ones that you would prefer.

We will convene events to bring together those who are creating the future of PR, starting with a Creating the Future of PR Forum in Sydney in October (details coming soon), and events in other major cities globally forthcoming. Please get in touch if you’re interested in participating or collaborating in any future of PR events.

So welcome to Creating the Future of PR, we will do what we can to support your leadership in building a spectacular future for the industry!