It is time to share more of myself


I have recently substantially changed my activities so I am far more focused.

I have for too long had too many ventures. I desperately needed to limit the scope of what I was doing, which I have done. (More on that in another blog post soon.)

Focus on the future

This allows me to focus on being the futurist, thinking and communicating in multiple formats about the future and what we need to do now to create the future we want.

It also gives me that modicum of space to come back to the path of self-discovery that is at the heart of all our lives.

Rediscovering myself through my journals

I have kept a journal in various guises since I was 16. Simply putting thoughts into words on paper can immensely clarify your thoughts and feelings.

Keeping a journal also allows you to read back to get perspective on your life, and recover ideas and attitudes from your younger self that would otherwise likely be lost.

Over the last couple of months I have been reviewing some of my journals, particularly from my early 20s as I entered the workforce.

One discovery is how true to the aspirations of my younger self my life has turned out. My attitudes and thoughts then planted the seeds for who I have become.

Compelled to write books

Since I was young I have wanted to write books. The publication of my first book in January 2000 was a marvelous threshold to reach.

I imagined that I would write books consistently for the rest of my life. I have been very disappointed that I have only written 4 books so far.

This has been not least because I have undertaken too many ventures and not had the time to write. One of the most important reasons for me to restructure my work to give me more space was so I can write my next book this year. (I’ll share more on this before long.)

While until recently I hadn’t looked at it for some time, over time I compiled a list of titles of books that I wanted to write. There are over 100 book titles on the list.

Of course I will never write more than a small fraction of the those books, but I do hope to make a little dent in that list.

Continuous sharing

I’ve recently realised that it is crazy for me to wait to share my ideas until I can write a full book on these topics.

I have the early workings of many of these books, some in note form, some just in my mind.

I also have many ideas recorded in my journals that are early seeds, and need to be developed a lot further. However it is far better to share these ideas in their formative shapes rather than wait until they are fully developed, which quite possibly will never happen.

New phase of blogging

Since I have changed the structure of my work I have been a far more active blogger, after doing very little for several years before last November.

From now I intend to share far more of myself, writing about ideas and personal reflections I’ve captured in my journal over the years, and the topics that really matter to me.

I am very fortunate to be a futurist, in that everything is relevant to my work, including my own personal journey from past to future.

Stand by for some – at times – quite different kinds of content on this blog. As everything I’ve shared since I started this blog in 2002, it will all be true to myself, just sometimes more personal than it has been before.

Thank you for being with me on the journey! :-)

Image: Marcus Sherwood – photo of me and Ian busking in Molard