Infographic: The NewsScape – 8 sources of value creation in a post-channel media world


Tomorrow I’m doing the closing keynote at the Newspaper Publishers Association Future Forum conference in Sydney, with already considerable attention on what I will discuss.

I have just prepared a framework to crystallize some of my thoughts on the news landscape today, which I’ve called The NewsScape. Individual channels – such as print, TV, internet, and more – are becoming meaningless. In the post-channel media world we are entering, the entire landscape is laid open. The NewsScape shows how value is created in this world. (Media revenue models are addressed elsewhere with an update on this coming.)

The NewsScape

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Interfaces are the furnace at the heart of how we access news. Adding to the established interfaces of newspapers and television, newer interfaces including phones and tablets have emerged. Before long digital paper that has most of the great qualities of print as well as the advantages of the digital will be available at reasonable prices.

There are 8 key sources of value creation in this borderless news system:

Timeliness – Speed of access

Novelty – Being new, being news

Relevance – Meaningful to the individual

Filtering – Selecting from infinite information

Insight – Perspective on news and information

Community – Our social news experience

Reputation – Indicators of trust and value

Design – Bringing together beauty and functionality

Each of these planets has moons, some caught between planets. Together these heavenly entities indicate the entire system within which participants in the news industry must play.

The key issue today for the newspaper industry is to comprehend that it is now participating in the news industry, with paper just one fading interface to their consumers and customers. The challenge is to respond effectively to what I believe is an extraordinary opportunity.

I’ll expand on these thoughts later.