I’m available in Europe 17-20 June


As a quick shout-out in case anyone is interested, I will be Europe with availability 17-20 June between engagements. I am currently intending to be in London for connections and meetings, but this isn’t yet fixed.

Let me know if you’re interested for any keynotes, executive briefings, strategy workshops, mini-workshops on crowdsourcing or the implications of the future of work, or anything else that takes your fancy. Contact me on the RossDawson.com website.

My engagements over the next few weeks include the doing the opening keynote at Crowdsourcing Week on the Future of Creativity and Innovation, keynoting at a major crowdsourcing conference in Kuala Lumpur, keynoting on the Future of Work at Richmond Financial Industry Forum in Interlaken, and doing a keynote at the EuroCIO conference held in Opio in the mountains above Nice.

I am fascinated by and passionate about these topics, so it’s great that I’m able to travel, see, and learn more everywhere I go. I’m particularly looking forward to this week at Crowdsourcing Week in Singapore, the biggest concentration of crowdsourcing insight in the world.