How technology is changing dating and remote relationships in pandemic times


I was recently interviewed on the Studio 10 TV program about the future of dating and relationships. See the video below:

Some of the topics we discussed:

The way people use dating apps has changed in the pandemic as they try to get to know potential partners better before meeting, sometimes trying new behaviors such as virtual dinner dates, more likely leading to romance. See more on this.

Since machine learning can perceive patterns, AI may be able to advise us on what to say or to wear to win the hearts of individuals, however these technologies of course need to be used wisely, for example in helping us to express who we are better to others.

While some talk about teledildonics, technology can also allow us to hold hands at a distance to maintain intimacy.

Also haptic skin has the potential to allow us to touch and feel at a distance, while smart jewelry and other devices can today help us touch loved ones remotely.

‘Health passports’ that testify to the presence of COIVD-19 antibodies might possibly mean their carriers are not infectious, allowing them to travel, and make it a lot easier for potential romantic partners to get close to them.

However the magic and mystery of human connection will never be entirely digital, despite even back in 2017 39% of American heterosexual couples meeting online, according to a Stanford University study. We will undoubtedly still find many beautiful connections in bars, at parties, in the park, or wherever people get together, unintermediated by technology.

Image: Little Riot