How platforms and automation are disrupting business


Below is one of the short video interviews I did after my keynote on Business in the Age of AI at Oracle CloudWorld.

In it explain in brief my Vectors of Disruption framework and explain how automation and platforms are the primary aggregated forces disrupting business, society and government.

Below is a transcript of the video.

If we look at, what I term the vectors of disruption, there’s a whole array of underlying technologies – many of the buzz phrases – but essentially there’s two key domains of disruption.

One is platforms, and these include marketplaces which are creating peer-to-peer markets. It also includes blockchain and other platforms on which people are building systems and exchanges and new ways of doing business.

The other key domain is that of automation, where artificial intelligence is changing the nature of work, it is automating vehicles, it is automating logistics, it is automating entire aspects of what are businesses today.

Together platforms and automation are disrupting businesses, business models, organisational structure, societal structure, the nature of education.

These are the things which all executives need to understand and be incorporating into their strategies.