Google Atmosphere: The future of the enterprise and the economy of individuals


Earlier this year I gave the opening keynote at the Google Atmosphere on Tour events in Sydney and Melbourne.

Below is the 2 minute summary video of the event, giving a flavor for the rich ideas shared on the future of the enterprise.

In the video’s excerpt from my speech (from 0:20) I talk about the “economy of individuals” that I have since expanded on in other content including my Future of Work framework.

Today the most important unit of value creation in today’s economy is not the organization, it is the individual.

Organizations will still exist for many reasons, but those that remain in will be successful because they excel at attracting and catalyzing talent from individuals, and amply reward their contribution.

However an increasing proportion of work will be done by independent individuals, who collaborate in a wide variety of ways with other individuals and organizations in the work.

Let’s focus on the individual in the economy of today and tomorrow. It is the most useful way of understanding how economies will evolve, and how to design organizations that will thrive in years to come.