Entrepreneurship becomes global: the top 25 startups hubs in the world


The Startup Genome project setup a year ago to gather comparative data on startups around the world. Its Startup Compass allows entrepreneurs to compare statistics on their companies with others in their locality and around the world.

A post on Techcrunch provides a great summary of some of the data gathered in the almost 12 months since the launch of the project.

I was particularly interested in the rankings of startup cities around the world, reproduced below. There is no question that the US is no longer the predominant startup country in a world in which economic and entrepreneurial activity is increasingly global.

As the Techcrunch articles notes, Entrepreneur magazine suggests that the overarching theme of SXSW was that “You don’t have to be in Silicon Valley to be a startup”. It is still the single largest location, but it is an increasingly smaller part of a very rapidly growing global whole.

The Startup Compass’ list of top startup hubs is undoubtedly pretty inaccurate outside the top group, as there will be many variations across locations in how much people have heard of and participate in Startup Compass, notably through its initiatives in locations such as Warsaw, Sao Paolo, and Singapore. However there are no really good studies comparing the size or activity of entrepreneurial activity across the world that I am aware of, so it may be the best we have, at least in terms of timeliness.

I am looking out for better data on this, and may at some point set up a project to do this study. The global entrepreneurial space is one of the most interesting and important ones in looking the future of business and society.

From Techcrunch:

Startup Genome is also offering a new ranking for the world’s top 25 startup ecosystems, ordered by their average throughput:

1. Silicon Valley (San Francisco, Palo Alto, San Jose, Oakland)
2. New York City (NYC, Brooklyn)
3. London
4. Toronto
5. Tel Aviv
6. Los Angeles
7. Singapore
8. Sao Paulo
9. Bangalore
10. Moscow
11. Paris
12. Santiago
13. Seattle
14. Madrid
15. Chicago
16. Vancouver
17. Berlin
18. Boston
19. Austin
20. Mumbai
21. Sydney
22. Melbourne
23. Warsaw
24. Washington D.C.
25. Montreal

Do you think this sounds right?