Domain names for thought leadership content – showing clients the future


Over many years I have registered domain names for interesting topics, almost all of them about the future.

Using these, I have launched a number of online publications over the years, including and Creating the Future of PR, among others. One of the possible paths for my business was to launch many future-oriented publications in parallel. I accumulated close to 400 domains to support possible projects.

While I intend to be doing a lot more in publishing in years to come, my core business model is fundamentally shifting (more on that another time). As such, apart from a smaller collection of domains I will keep for my own projects, I am offering these domain names for sale.

These domain names are perfect for thought leadership content projects. For example, one of the few domains I have sold was, which AT Kearney bought for a web publication featuring the firm’s thought leadership.

Having sold that, I still have available, not to mention,,,,, and many other similar domains.

Agencies can use these domains to suggest very interesting projects to their clients, marketers can use them to demonstrate their understanding of the future of their clients’ industries.

Below is a list of some of the more interesting domains I have available. We are also very capable of creating exceptional thought leadership content for any these sites if you wish, or more than happy just to sell the domain.

Please get in touch if you’d like to buy some of the domains or discuss. :-)

Premium Domains for Thought Leadership Content Marketing by Ross Dawson on Scribd