Conversation with Mark Pesce on the future of virtual events, organizations, and society


Fellow futurist Mark Pesce is an old friend. We first actually connected when he spoke at my Future of Media Summit 2008, but I had long before being inspired by his work, writing about Virtual Reality Markup Language (VRML), which Mark co-developed, in my first book.

We happened to live 100 meters from each other in Sydney’s Surry Hills for a few years, and for many years now our work and positioning as futurists and keynote speakers has been highly aligned.

I obviously had to interview Mark for The Virtual Excellence Show, and it was indeed a highly stimulating conversation. Watch the video, and see below for some summary points.

Some of our discussion points:

  • In a time of unprecedented uncertainty the key skill is navigating uncertainty
  • As organizations shift into virtual we are moving from a text culture to a video-first culture
  • Keynote speakers are finding new ways to shift to virtual speaking
  • Events need to be designed in new ways to create serendipitous connections and new layers of value for participants
  • We can design events akin to universities and universities akin to events
  • Leadership is about finding the answers together, learning by doing
  • Augmented reality is already here, with a new wave of enabling technologies to support the next phase including smartglasses
  • Videogrammetry is a highly exciting field for the next phase of virtual