New! 2012+ Trends Map


Richard Watson of and I have collaborated extensively over the years, including on numerous client projects. Richard is very well-known for his Trend Blend annual series of maps (here are the 2007-2010 trend maps). I collaborated with Richard on several of them but not on the more recent ones, partly as he is now based in London.

Our Trend Blend 2007+ map based on the London subway map spawned an entire genre of trend maps based on city train lines.

Here is Richard’s Trend Map for 2012, once again breaking new ground in communicating trends and ideas. Enjoy!

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How is the culture of luxury changing?


Luxury is “the opposite of vulgarity” said Coco Chanel. It is also in many ways the opposite of poverty. As people in developed countries – and increasing number in developing countries – grow more affluent, luxury defines what their wealth can be spent on once theirbasic needs are assuaged.

In a positive sense, this is about sensory refinement and human taste at its most discerning. Sensory Indulgence is in fact one of my chosen themes of the Zeitgeist 2011. However it can sometimes be a simple expression of an excess of money.

Tim Stock of scenarioDNA has created an excellent presentation on the Culture of Luxury, shown here. It is a beautiful deck with many provocative ideas – well worth seeing.

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Why Steve Jobs’ resignation is a (relative) non-event as Apple becomes a living company


I was just interviewed by ABC TV for tonight’s 7pm news about Steve Jobs’ resignation as CEO of Apple.

My initial reaction is that is as close to a non-event as it could be. 

It was absolutely major news when Jobs announced his first medical leave for a life-threatening disease. It underlined that he would not be at Apple for ever, and might not return to Apple from his leave. He in fact returned twice, and now on his third medical leave he has said his role as CEO is over.
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Marc Newson at Sydney Design Excellence Forum: the design process is always the same


I’m at Sydney Town Hall, where iconic Australian designer Marc Newson is speaking at the City of Sydney’s Design Excellence Forum.

Marc has had a powerful impact on many facets of design. His 1986 Lockheed lounge (one of which most recently sold for $2.1 million) and the 1988 Embryo chair were early landmarks in his career. Initially working in furniture, he has now designed cars, boats, bicycles, cookware, Nike shoes, executive jets, and across many, many other domains. He is Royal Designer for Industry in the UK.

Image: Lockheed lounge, image from Dezeen
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