Brian Solis at Future of Influence Summit: Putting the Public Back in Public Relations!


When we started organizing Future of Influence Summit, our minds turned immediately to Brian Solis, who is himself one of the most central influencers and thought leaders in this rapidly emerging space.

So it’s awesome that Brian is speaking at the Summit, providing his insights on Influence at the Center of Marketing and Advertising.

Brian’s blog PR 2.0 is essential reading on the topic, and he also often guest blogs for TechCrunch. Just a few of his prominent posts that are particularly relevant to the future of influence include:

Full Disclosure: Sponsored Conversations on Twitter Raise Concerns, Prompt Standards (Great post, will write more about later)

Identifying and Connecting with Influencers

Real-Time Conversations Gain in Influence, Hasten Social CRM

Unveiling the New Influencers

See here for details of Brian’s books. Brian’s next book Now is Gone is due out in November. His latest bestseller Putting the Public Back in Public Relations is one of the key books in the social media space at the moment. It is relevant not just to anyone in PR, but to anyone in the influence space, which just about everyone today.A few things people have been saying about the book:

“There will be two kinds of PR professionals in the future: those who read this book and get with the program, and the unemployed. Your choice.”

Seth Godin, Author of Tribes

“I am thrilled that there is finally a book about the right way to approach PR in today’s world, where hyper-connected conversations trump the old school broadcast mentality. Everyone who wants to build a career in PR or marketing should read this book.”

Tony Hsieh, CEO,

“Putting the Public Back in Public Relations is a passionate and persuasive case for rewriting the rules of public relations. Authors Solis and Breakenridge expertly combine third-party perspective with case studies and examples to paint a picture of a profession on the brink of reinvention.”

Paul Gillin, Author, The New Influencers and Secrets of Social Media Marketing

Don’t miss Brian at Future of Influence Summit!