Breaking through BRIC: How to work with media in Brazil, Russia, India, China


A couple of months ago I contributed to Ketchum’s Global Media Network meeting in New York, giving the opening keynote on the Future of Global Media, and participating in the follow-up panel on how to work with media in Brazil, Russia, India, and China, titled “Breaking Through BRIC: Understanding These Influential Global Media Landscapes”.

Ketchum representatives from the first three of these countries presented on their markets, however since the Ketchum China team was committed to client work and unable to get to the meeting, I was invited to speak about China, given my experience in the region.

I wrote up my key points about the 5 central facets of media and PR in China.

Here is an edited video of the key points made on the media markets in each of the BRIC economies – there are some interesting insights on their diversity.

The panellists were:

* Ross Dawson, Chairman, Future Exploration Network; Chairman, Advanced Human Technologies; and writer, Trends in the Living Networks
* Ligia Carvalho, Account Executive, Ketchum Estratégia
* Girish Dikey, Partner, Sampark
* Ekaterina Kondratieva, Account Manager, Ketchum Maslov
* Nicholas Scibetta, Partner and Global Director, Ketchum Global Media Network (moderator)