Brain computer interfaces in smartglasses – coming soon


Two central themes in the next generation of human interaction with technology are smartglasses and brain interfaces.  

In that vein, the acquisition by Snap of NextMind (included in our list of top brain-computer interface companies) is fascinating.

Major companies including Microsoft, Google, Lenovo, Magic Leap and others have high-end augmented reality glasses on the market, with those initially having considered consumer offerings now focusing on enterprise.

In the consumer space one of the most interesting is Snap’s Spectacles. After a big launch in 2016 the first edition flopped. Snap is still a believer; the 4th generation is now being offered to developers to create content and applications.

While Snap has a lot going on, it is extremely likely that Snap is intending to apply NextMind’s technology to its Spectacles, which would allow those wearing its glasses to control their interactions with their thoughts.

NextMind actually sent me its brain interface device a few months ago since I am considered an influencer in the brain computer interface space.

I ended up not writing about it as I personally found it very difficult to control the interface and some bugs in the software. My daughters were a lot more proficient and greatly enjoyed learning to play some games such as Breakout using thought control. 

Non-invasive brain interfaces using EEG, such as the NextMind interface, are still relatively early in their development. The next phase will come from the algorithms that recognize consistent brain wave patterns. These capabilities and the team able to take it further is what Snap wanted from NextMind.

Perhaps soon, but certainly before long, we will have smartglasses that we can control with our thoughts, even if it is in a rudimentary fashion. 

Will you buy them?