Book research: Looking for case studies/ leading practice in using crowdsourcing


I am in the final stages of completing a book on how to use crowds and crowdsourcing effectively, which I am co-authoring with Steve Bynghall.

We are using brief case studies liberally through the book, however we need a few more to flesh it out.

We’d love to hear from you if you have been using crowdsourcing tools or approaches extensively enough to have learned useful lessons, and believe you have valuable insights to share from your experience.

To offer your case study or experience, please use the contact form on Please let us know very briefly:
– what you have learned
– what you have found most useful in your use of crowdsourcing tools

We’ll get back to you, where relevant asking for some clarification or more detail.

We will attribute any case studies or quotes we use in the book to the person and company, and will check in with you if so on how we use it. We expect the book to do very well, so that will provide good exposure for your organization :-).

Specific practices where we’d particularly like to hear about your experience include:
– Building positive relationships with providers
– Organizational change associated with using crowd sourcing
– Finding talented providers
– Providing non-financial rewards
– Risk management and IP protection
– Building internal structures and roles for crowdsourcing
– Using crowdfunding platforms
– Crowdfunding for equity
– Using competition platforms
– Using distributed R&D and idea management platforms
– Using microtask platforms or aggregators
– Innovative business models based on crowds
– Anything else you think is interesting!

As the book is almost complete, we need any input you have to give us within the next few days. The book is due for launch in mid-November. More details soon!